Padova Day 2

Beautiful day and perfect for our exploration of this lovely town. Headed into the old town – absolutely wonderful and character filled.
Piazza della Frutta, Piazza dei signori- 2 lovely squares surrounded by arched colonnades and historic buildings- market stalls set up with fruit and vegetables for sale. Lots of cafes and tables and chairs . People don’t do take away but rather sit and socialize or stand at the bar for short espresso.
Baptistery – next to Duomo
Decorated by Giusto de Menabuoi- all around the walls and roof dome. Duomo had no stained glass but huge with numerous domed sections- impressive.
Cafe Pedrocchi – supposedly a meeting place from 1831 for intellectuals . It is beautiful out and in and is now very upmarket . We had the Pedrocchi cake and coffee- both extremely rich. The coffee was a hot shot of black with a cold crime de menthe cream layer on top. The cake was similar with chocolate cake and chocolate interspersed with crime de menthe
Prato Della Valle- walked to this fabulous open space – circular surrounded by a canal which was lined with statues. Crossed little bridges to get the central space which was grassed. Lots very place to relax and we had our Lunch of bread and cheese and prosciutto which we had bought- many people doing the same thing
Basilica San Antonio
An impressive church housing the tomb of St Anthony which was very spectacular – huge space highly carved white marble with contrasting statues in black.
040 Padua 0055
Relaxed in piazza Della Frutta and Peter had a spritzer which is the popular local drink. Meal last night- found a very popular restaurant and had grilled scampi and mixed fried seafood – very good

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