Padova to Lucca

Accomodation: Villa Agnese
Mainly travel till 1pm via expressway- very busy as usual with speeding cars and lots of trucks. We stopped at huge over road restaurant for coffee which wasn’t bad.
It is quite a big walled town with ramparts and what would have been a moat which is now a grasses area. Very busy with tourists. We had our usual sandwich lunch and chatted to a very friendly, nice German couple who had a beautiful big dog – like a St Bernard but a guard dog. Took a look no walk down the main street- lots of leather shops and bought a wallet. Eventually made it to the other side where the tourist office was and got maps and walked back around town.
Weather was wet but we were well prepared. Headed back into Lucca at 6.30pm- through the ramparts which were wide and great and had a wine in. The beautiful amphitheater square – dating from Roman times.
050 Luca 0009
Went to restaurant called Punto recommended by the German couple- unusual and nice food e.g. Spaghetti with garlic, anchovy and bleach cabbage and rabbit with porchetta- extensive , rich desserts.

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