Padova Day 1

Stayed at: Hotel Europa
17deg and showers
Our journey- easy exit from Vicenza – car park – only 35 euros for 3 days which was good. It only took 40 minutes to get to Padua, no trucks because it is a Sunday. We found hotel relatively easily and parked. More modern hotel but in an excellent location.
Scrovegni Chapel
Beautiful chapel built 1303 -1305 completely decorated by Giotto depicting all parts of Jesus’ life from his birth, to death and resurrection. Rich coloured and the rich blue of the ceiling with gold stars  is a standout . Scrovegni built the chapel because his father was a usurer and had made his money from it – in a way trying to buy his way to heaven! His father, the usurer was mentioned in Dante’s Inferno.
The museum next to the Scrovegni  had a huge collection of archaeological remains from the Padua area and Egyptian and much more including paintings by Tintoretto. Also a special collections of works by Lino Selvetina- excellent.
Observed a lot when viewing early religious works: Jesus is often portrayed as a curly haired redheaded baby and Mary has been given distinctively European features.

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