First stop was San Damiano an important site for St Francis . The church was built between8- 9century and st Francis predicted it would be the dwelling place of Clare who followed his ways and her followers who were called the Poor Clares. It was a simple and peaceful site and the cloisters lovely with many potted cyclamen. There was a bronze sculpture of st Francis looking out over the plain.
Spoleto- it took about 40 minutes there. The fun started when we tried to find the parcheggio we thought would be closer to the castle where we wanted to go. Works my with google we ended up in a couple of   Tights streets. We did find a parking no area but had no idea whether we were close and the role we spoke to had no English at all.
But we persevered and eventually caught sight of Information sign near town. Again it was impressive as there were lifts up to the piazza libertarian. We headed up to the castle and again took lifts to the top. The castle was great with beautiful views over the town. The large castle was a museum with restored frescoes and part thereof. It showed how they would have lived – there was an aqueduct behind .
Heading down from the castle we had a crostini and panini lunch with water and wine looking down on the beautiful cathedral which had a huge square space in front of it. The whole town was pretty empty of tourists which was great.
011 Assissi 0274
Half way back down we came across the amazing underground moving footway which takes you up and down through the town.
011 Assissi 0326
Last stop was the Roman theatre which was very well preserved really – the museum had some very old archaeological remains such as pots and jewellery..
Headed back to Assisi and drive to Erwin Della Carceri which was a place of sanctuary for St Francis – it is in a bush setting above and behind Assisi. Just a brief stop as we wanted to practice getting into Assisi as we wanted to be able drive in to get our luggage. Success!
Dinner was excellent in a beautiful setting – on a terrace overlooked big the plain . It was mild with no wind and very pretty with the glittering lights below. Menu – wild boar stew for Peter and pasta with artichokes and lamb for me. We shared a chocolate and almond dessert. On leaving ended up chatting to the single American woman who was on the table next to us / Californian in Italy doing a language course.

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