Siena Day 3

Museo Civico: this is Siena’s city museum and is located on the first floor of Palazzo Pubblico. The range of exhibits including paintings, frescoes, sculptures and more from the Senese school. There are frescoes depicting the creation (? Reunification?) of Italy (19th century), also for Pope Alexander lll also beautiful allegorical frescoes by Domenico Beccafumi. There is also a Chapel with frescoes by Taddeo Di Bartolo.
After this we walked to the Siena Cathedral built between 1215 and 1263 in gothic style by Nicola Pisano. Features: the amazing black and white styled Campanile. In the pavement of the Cathedral there are 59 panels of marble etched and inlaid showing scenes from the Bible and Siena’s history. The walls are covered with paintings and frescoes.


Next visited was the Museo dell’ Opera: This is a private museum with treasures and relics from the Cathedral. It has statues, icons, and relics – also we climbed the museums tower that gave us an amazing view of the Cathedral and the rooftops of Siena.

Nice Dinner that night: pork with truffle sauce and I had rare steak with pepper corns. Dessert included dipping biscotti into a sweet liquor.


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