Drove to Vinci using the side roads and parked outside the town – wrong end as it turned out. The museum was in four parts. The first two parts were in the Castello at the top of the hill. Some good videos and many models of Da Vinci’s works. They included locks on rivers, flying machines, bicycles, tanks, cannons, and a construction device to load great stone pieces on the top of the Duomo at Florence.
Also there was a climb to a tower area . They were good at towers! This gave a great view back over the town and onto the countryside.
Then a 2 km or so drive to Da Vinci’s birthplace. There was a small museum there containing reproductions of his major works.
His birthplace was a little further – in the countryside amid olive groves. Great video inspiring one to read further about his life.
060 Vinci 0093
Vinci (Italian pronunciation: [ˈvintʃi]) is a town – officially a “city” (città)[1] – and comune of Metropolitan City of Florence in the Italianregion of Tuscany. The birthplace of Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci lies just outside the town.
Easy drive back to Lucca on the freeway maybe 90 minutes.

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