Vicenza Day 1

Getting to Vicenza: easy trip from South Tyrol to Vicenza by the motorway which was massed with trucks . However 3 lanes and speed limit of 130 km/hr meant fast driving requiring concentration. We found the suggested car park easy and walked with luggage to Palazzo where lady was waiting to show us into the apartment. Excellent location again.
Vicenza is synonymous with Palladio – the 16 century architect who built so many fabulous villas, public buildings and churches here. Best called a Roman style in a Renaissance way- very symmetrical with columns as the distinguishing feature.
Vicenza – old town is a pedestrian area so we could walk around and see and visit a number of Palladian buildings.
• Teatro Olympica – fabulous roofed amphitheatre- with 3 d set  which was for a production of Oedipus Rex
• Palazzo Chiericati- which houses fabulous civic collection of paintings
• Basilica Palladiano- huge with green domed roof in main piazza
• Palazzo Barbarano da Porto which is also the Palladio museum ???? Great models of his buildings
• And of course palazzo Valmarana where we are staying in studio apartment – old style
By about 7pm each evening the centre of Vicenza begins to get really busy. Everyone comes out to shop and eat. All really well dressed!
Restaurant Il Molo was busy and trendy with generally younger people. The food was great – an interesting dish of cold mackerel on bed of pumpkin mash with sweet taste as well but on a hot plate. Second main was a plate of pasta Norma – eggplant and tomato – delicious and huge. The tiramisu was the best ever. 

What was amazing was the couple next to us ate 4 courses including ink pasta – how they managed it we don’t know!


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