Milano 23 September

Castello Sforza museums- ancient art, picture gallery, furniture, weapons , decorative arts, musical instruments
An Unbelievable collection and we probably touched a fraction of it.

Highlights in no set order were:

• frescos
• Marble sarcophagus with horseman
• Tapestries-
• Canaletto paintings of Venice
• Weapons – very heavy guns
• Magnificent collection of Majolica ware
• Specialist gallery with unfinished sculpture by Michelangelo of Mary holding up Jesus
• Also walked some of the high walls to get to the different museums
UAFA cup
Near the castle was a huge display and a brass band. Promotion for UAFA cup and it was on display- quite a crowd.
001 Milan 0103
Via Dante and everywhere was very busy- plenty of Milanese out shopping and eating.
001 Milan 0072
Naviglio area known for its canals. We caught the metro to ponte Genova and walked down to the canals. The canals were lined with restaurants and all busy.
001 Milan 0128
Other bits and pieces
• Food – no highlights yet but the bread ,ham and prosciutto are good
• Coffee has been average so far – not hot and a bit milky
• Wine had been good
• Africans around castle are active trying to sell you strings for wrists. Some stories that they have tied people’s hands together and demanded money- best to ignore them
• Hotel Star has been very good and the location is excellent

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